Very informative, providing insights that are applicable to daily (work) life. There was a good balance between listening and active assignments/reflection on your own functioning. Anneke is a very enthusiastic and open minded speaker. Thanks a lot!”

– participant Bloody Beautiful

“The insights she provides on how emotions are linked to your menstrual cycle and the facilitation of a conversation about it. It’s knowledge I wish I had 10 years ago, but I’m so grateful for having now. Anneke has a lot of knowledge, great energy and creates a safe environment.”

– participant Resilience during Perimenopause
docent biologie, Beekdal Lyceum, Arnhem
participant Bloody Beautiful

“Anneke has a very high level of emotional intelligence.
She is sensitive, inclusive and eloquent.
The way she connects to the audience is incredible.
She makes the room an emotionally safe place to be in”

– Dani Kortekaas, Wageningen University

“De spreker was fantastisch.
Enthousiast, prettige manier van presenteren
en met veel aandacht voor de deelnemers.”

– deelnemer Veerkracht in de Overgang